Kiss Hug


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Plot Summary

<b>Episode 1</b><br> <br> <i>Keiyaku Shite ♥ Shite ♥</i><br> Natsumi Kusunoki does door-to-door sales and ends up in Kamono’s place. She’s selling “Cockzilla D” which is a sex supplement with the line that there’s a free experience with the sample, so Kamono takes what’s offered.<br> <br> <i>Teryouri to Koigokoro</i><br> Chizuru is 10 years younger than Haru and was raised with him as siblings. She had a weak body and would be in and out of the hospital, and she has met him for the first time after a long time. Chizuru confessed her love and they then exchange their love.<br> <br> <b>Episode 2</b><br> <br> <i>Sase Otoko no Seo-kun</i><br> Never having many friends, Seo fell into friendship fast with the two girls. It just so happened they had more than friendship in mind and he found himself being used as a sex toy for the entire school before he knew it.<br> <br> <i>Shiofuki Kanrinin Masato-kun</i><br> His childhood friend who he had always had a thing for suddenly asked him out of the blue to help her masturbate. He was more than happy to do that, and much more.

Anime Detail

Date of release: 2019


Genre: Hentai , Hentai

Scores: 6.3