Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin H


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Plot Summary

Based on the erotic game by Lune.<br> <br> The protagonist - Yuuichi - fails the entrance exam and is currently attending prep school.<br> Around this time, his father, who is almost never home, remarries and his family gains new members.<br> <br> The mature and alluring mother - Mifuyu, her gyaru eldest daughter - Natsuki, and subdued second daughter - Akiha.<br> Yuuichi wants to welcome the new family, but living together with 3 women is too titillating.<br> Together with the stress of examinations, it becomes impossible to suppress his libido.<br> <br> And then, a mysterious package arrives. Inside is a strange penlight that has the ability to put anyone under hypnosis.<br> But it can't make people do things that they don't want.<br> Thus, Yuuchi first begins with "getting along as a family", and gradually, the orders become more extreme.<br> <br> Moreover, he wants the women to bear his child in order to become a real family.<br> Additionally, the mother daughters trio, filled with carnal desires, also begins to seek for more pleasure...<br> <br> (Source: Visual Novel Database)

Anime Detail

Date of release: 2014


Genre: Hentai , Hentai

Scores: 6.1



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