Shoujo Ramune


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Plot Summary

Based on the erotic game by Tanuki Soft.<br> <br> Kiyoshi Tachikawa runs a candy store located in a small town on the outskirts of Tokyo. He had quit his previous job to get away from the commotion of a major city and now enjoys his days surrounded by little girls.<br> <br> Kiyoshi's shop is regularly visited by three girls in particular: Chie Sayama, Tenka Adachi, and Komako Semenovich. Due to his friendly and easygoing demeanor, the not-so-innocent girls quickly take to Kiyoshi, seeking his attention and help with their problems. They soon develop romantic feelings toward him and gladly leave their bodies in his care, passing time in his house by indulging in sexual pleasures.<br> <br> (Source: MAL Rewrite)

Anime Detail

Date of release: 2016


Genre: Hentai , Hentai

Scores: 6.4