Clannad Atter Story

By: MMAnime

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Plot Summary

A few months have passed since Tomoya declared his love to Nagisa, and his life keeps moving forward as he continues to meet a variety of new people, expanding his world in the process. While Tomoya's world continues to expand, his and Nagisa's relationship is entering a new phase, and neither of them is quite sure where it will take them. Through his relationship with Nagisa, Tomoya begins to understand the meaning and importance of family.<br> <br> But as Tomoya and Nagisa begin a family of their own, they are faced with many hardships along the way in Clannad: After Story<br> <br> (Source: Sentai Filmworks, edited)<br> <br> <i>Note: Includes 2 un-numbered 'extra' and 'summary' episodes that aired at the end of the series.</i>

Anime Detail

Date of release: 2008


Genre: Drama , Romance

Scores: 8.7