Ore wo suki nano wa omae dake ka yo - Oretachi No Game

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Plot Summary

Hose is the ultimate romantic comedy protagonist, who is more talented and better than me at everything. Hose and I are going to battle over Pansy at the fateful regional tournament finals. While Nishikizuta and Toshobu high schools go head-to-head in a baseball match, I’m going to battle Hose in a popularity contest. Yes, I’m going to fight fair and square…Psych! Of course not! The odds are overwhelmingly against me, so I’m going to play dirty! Mwahahaha! I know that Hose is going to follow the rules to the tee, so I’m going to do the exact opposite…Huh? What did you say? There are some new rules? Wait a sec!<br> <br> Why are all the rules in favor of the other guy? Himawari, Cosmos, Asunaro! Why did you betray me? Crap…I have no one on my side…The rules are all twisted…So, I have no shame in using all my dirty tricks so everyone can see!<br> <br> (Source: Crunchyroll)

Anime Detail

Date of release: 2020


Genre: Comedy , Drama

Scores: 7.4


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