Real Eroge Situation! the Animation

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Plot Summary

Based on the erotic games by Jitaku Studio.<br> <br> Episode 1 <i>(Adaptation of the original game)</i><br> Nagato Shinobu is a high school guy who willingly stops being otaku for the girl he likes Miyanoue Kanna who does not like Otaku. However, suddenly the situation was different when he got a love letter from Amasaki Ayame. Confessing love in class while masturbating with Ayame. In addition, Shinobu's childhood friend Satogami Yuri also suddenly declared her love. And miraculous again, Miyanoue Kanna, started liking Shinobu. This situation really looks like in Eroge (Adult Visual Novel). Then, whether Shinobu can determine the girl he will date?<br> <br> Episode 2 <i>(Adaptation of the fandisc)</i><br> In this second episode, Side characters appear in this anime, starting from Kana's friend named Sakura Kasane, Mother of Yuri who is also the mother of Shinobu named Satogami Nazuna, and Shinobu teacher named Yaezakura Miru who is considered like a child because of her small body. Shinobu was reprimanded by Miru and Kasane because Shinobu was caught having a relationship with Ayame, Kanna, and Yuri. While sitting on a park bench thinking about the problem that just happened, he suddenly met his childhood friend named Tori'i Ui. Tori'i Ui was extremely direct with her feelings for Shinobu which had built up over the years they’ve been apart. This was the trigger for the other girls to make even more extreme sexual advances towards Shinobu! Surrounded by four girls who are infatuated with Shinobu, this is truly a harem situation!?<br> <br> (Source: Translated and Edited from Nekopoi)

Anime Detail

Date of release: 2018


Genre: Comedy , Hentai

Scores: 6.8


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